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Jacques E. Samson, eng.

Founder | jesamson@exportationquebec.com

Founder of Exportation Quebec (Groupe Producan Inc.), Mr. Jacques Samson, eng. saw the need to early on surround himself with key people with skills set that facilitated the growth in the export industry. Jacques, a civil engineer from McGill University, focused on undeveloped markets with products that enable EXQ to differentiate its self from other European competitors. Jacques's key was A) unique innovative products, B) after sales support infrastructure and C) customer focus. This successful approach resulted in repeat business over the years from the company's founding till now with many of the countries he first started with.

Chantal Samson

President | csamson@exportationquebec.com

Chantal join Exportation Quebec team in 1990 as a junior secretary. While working her way up the corporate ladder and moving to various positions (after-sales support, finance, quality assurance and sales) she developed her skills both technically and administratively. On July 31, 2012, exactly 34 years after her father founded the company, Chantal acquired 100% of Exportation Quebec and became the new President. Today Chantal is deeply involved in all aspects of the business. Her dedication to customer satisfaction clearly matches that DNA her father so passionately adopted in his corporate culture.

Jacques Emond

Vice President Project Management | jemond@exportationquebec.com

As Vice President project management, Jacques is called upon to perform necessary research and development for new products in order to capitalize on our efforts in both existing and new markets. Jacques leads all of our technical documentation team as well as the project management of each of our customer contracts throughout the life of the project. Jacques is also responsible for our product end-of-life strategy. Jacques has been a crucial pillar in the success of EXQ over the last 20 years. Prior to joining EXQ, Jacques worked for GM Trucks for more than 15 years.

Micael Desmarais

Director Procurement | mdesmarais@exportationquebec.com

Responsible of the strategic management of all activities related to the suppliers of the company, Micael supervises the planning, the organisation and the control of that department; Micael also makes sure that all necessary efforts are made to improve his service and the ordering process.  Proactive with a great analytical turn of mind Micael also combines 11 years of experience in inventory control at a Ford location and his priority always been the satisfaction of the clients.

Marcel Samson

Vice President After-Sales Service | mgsamson@exportationquebec.com

Responsible for after-sales service, Marcel brings to EXQ more than 25 years in the technical monitoring of all vehicles delivered to our customers globally. Marcel ensures that customer satisfaction is at its best during the warranty period and especially thereafter. Marcel leads a team of several experienced highly trained mechanics who quickly intervene if there is an immobilization of a vehicle. He also heads the training programs that are designed for our customer's mechanics and technicians, which are a key integral part of our contract offering. The service and maintenance of our customer's vehicles are dear to Marcel and EXQ successful quality culture. Prior to joining EXQ, Marcel worked for Gulf Canada for a period of 14 years as Director Motorist Market for Eastern Canada.

Gina Van Herck, CPA, CA

Chief Financial Officer | gvanherck@exportationquebec.com

Gina, CPA, CA, is responsible for the finance & human resources organization as the Vice-President & CFO. Gina brings well to EXQ more than 18 years of financial experience. She has held various key positions in business management and financial audit focusing on large firms. Gina focuses on business growth, optimize business processes and meeting regulatory requirements. She is stimulated by complex and changing environments and is extremely results-oriented. Prior to joining EXQ, Gina worked for GE Capital Canada as Vice-President/CFO for 9 years.